The world has changed. The world is changing. The world is going to continue to change.

There are, currently, 32% of university graduates making no more than their peers who have no more than a high school diploma. The average yearly salary for a university graduate who graduated nine years ago is just over $32,000 – about $4,000 above a minimum living wage. About 39% of 20 – 34-year-olds are living at home with their parents.

What used to be the doorway to the middle class, a university degree, has slammed shut. And graduates who can’t find work and are living with parents (often with a spouse and children), along with their parents, aren’t talking about it and are getting more and more depressed because of the situation.

Both parents and children – STOP FEELING GUILTY!

It Isn’t Your Fault!

The world has changed.

Some of the biggest companies in the world have stopped requiring university degrees as a qualification for employment. University no longer prepares students with the skills that they need today. The skills that they are focussed on are yesterday’s skills.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. The skills needed today are skills that AI or automation don’t have and colleges and universities don’t teach.

The skills needed for today and tomorrow are advanced cognitive enablers.

The skills that we are dedicated to teaching here at Socelor.


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