Critical Thinking and Content, Content, Content

I wrote a piece about critical thinking last week, and when I read over the comments, I see a backlash against teaching higher order thinking skills because the students need “FACTS” both in order to learn how to think critically and to survive out there in the world. I find this incredible. There have been … Continue reading Critical Thinking and Content, Content, Content

Automation – Future Proofing Careers

Automation is real. It is here to stay. Jobs will be lost. Careers will disappear. People are fearful, if not for their own occupation, for someone close to him or her. Interestingly, only 7% feel that their own job will be effected. In addition, Pollyanna analysts say that automation will actually increase the number of … Continue reading Automation – Future Proofing Careers

Deep and Surface Learning

Over the years we have heard of cognitive scientists talk about the distinction between deep and surface learning. Deep learning has been associated with understanding, meaning, and intrinsic motivation. Surface learning is identified by shallow memorization, the use of episodic memory to get through exams and generally, passive learning. Since the goal of the vast … Continue reading Deep and Surface Learning

What does Non-Mastery Mean

When we measure learning, we can measure it in two fundamental ways. Is the learner able to recall/demonstrate understanding/synthesize/critically evaluate – whatever – to a pre-set standard before the learning is finished (mastery), or is the learning graded (as in a gradient) and declared finished? The question I am asking is, if we don’t expect mastery … Continue reading What does Non-Mastery Mean

I Can’t Get My Students to Read

This is heard often from professors at every level. Students just won’t read or write anymore. They are right. Students just won’t read or write anymore. In addition, they don’t study anymore either. The data show that this is true! Students, for the most part, won’t do any of the above. The average number of … Continue reading I Can’t Get My Students to Read