The Academy for the Scholarship is dedicated to The Science of Learning and the dissemination of The Science of Learning as well as the reintroduction of the teaching of higher order thinking skills as one of the primary foci in higher education.

To this end, I have developed an entirely new concept that we are calling Multi-Institutional Collaborative Classes (MICC). A MICC is a class that is taught at any university under the direction of an external coordinating instructor who is overseeing the teaching of exactly the same class at a number of other institutions with ongoing interaction in the class that spans other institutions that may be in other countries or even on other continents, bringing an entirely different classroom experience to students all over the world.

As additional advantage for both you, as a teacher teaching a MICC in a local college or university and the students who are learning in a MICC class is that the format of the class takes advantage of the principles underlying The Science of Learning and is specifically designed to teach a number of higher order thinking skills to students.

Finally, although The Science of Learning is the core focus of The Academy for the Scholarship of Learning, the format is entirely subject independent, meaning that it can be used to teach the theoretical component of virtually any subject. The Academy will act as the intermediary institution, supplying the teachers overseeing and coordinating the classrooms around the world, providing you and your students with the most advanced (but low tech) teaching and learning experience available.

I’m planning to trial a MICC sometime in 2018. If you are interested in being a part of this trial, send me your information below.