Higher Order Thinking and Leadership

There has been much written about leadership and leaders, but what about the interaction between higher order thinking and leadership. If we want to cultivate good leadership, we need to understand what role higher order thinking plays. First, let me remind you about the specific higher order thinking skills and abilities that I am going … Continue reading Higher Order Thinking and Leadership


The Role of Higher Order Thinking Skills on Moral Development

At one time moral development was one of the central missions of higher education. Somehow, this part of the role of higher education got lost. Education was separated from religion, morals became ethics and what was lost was the responsibility of higher education to bring goodness to society. Education has become valueless as far as … Continue reading The Role of Higher Order Thinking Skills on Moral Development

The Separation of Church (Research) and State (Teaching)

I have written a number of articles about learning (or not) higher order thinking skills in higher education. I have engaged in numerous conversations and too many of you are saying the same thing. No matter how hard we try, we aren’t going to change the established way of doing things in higher education. The … Continue reading The Separation of Church (Research) and State (Teaching)

Transformational Learning

Having studied learning for many years, and after writing over a hundred articles about learning over the past year, I have come to believe that there are two types of learning: training, and transformation. Training involves teaching to meet particular goals. These goals, as outlined by Bjork (1994) include: 1.   …produce optimal transfer of that training … Continue reading Transformational Learning

Context Dependent Learning and Transference

This is a post about how learning can be applied outside of the constraints within which it is learned. I wrote about the problem of transference in learning a couple of weeks ago. Today I’m going to give you the science behind the problem. In a 1975 paper, Godden and Baddeley reported a brilliant experiment demonstrating state-dependent … Continue reading Context Dependent Learning and Transference

Roots (or Branches) of The Science of Learning

Where does The Science of Learning come from? I was asked this by an associate here on LinkedIn and a student in my class yesterday. Both are looking for the empirical evidence for The Science part. Today, I’ll try to address this because I think it is an important concept to understand. I have used … Continue reading Roots (or Branches) of The Science of Learning

Critical Thinking and Sources of Evidence

I have posted several times about critical thinking in higher education today (or not), but have ignored a critical component of critical thinking – evidence. Even though critical thinking skills are missing in a significant proportion of our graduates, there is still a significant number who have gained critical thinking skills. We know that the brain, as … Continue reading Critical Thinking and Sources of Evidence