Automation – Future Proofing Careers

Automation is real. It is here to stay. Jobs will be lost. Careers will disappear. People are fearful, if not for their own occupation, for someone close to him or her. Interestingly, only 7% feel that their own job will be effected. In addition, Pollyanna analysts say that automation will actually increase the number of … Continue reading Automation – Future Proofing Careers

I Can’t Get My Students to Read

This is heard often from professors at every level. Students just won’t read or write anymore. They are right. Students just won’t read or write anymore. In addition, they don’t study anymore either. The data show that this is true! Students, for the most part, won’t do any of the above. The average number of … Continue reading I Can’t Get My Students to Read

The Professor who Will be Sued (and Lose) a Malpractice Suit

In a malpractice suit against a university, both an individual professor, who is doing the harm to the students, as well as the institution, which is providing a supportive environment to the professor, with be named. So, what will the professor look like who will be named in the suit? The suit will be based … Continue reading The Professor who Will be Sued (and Lose) a Malpractice Suit

Different Ways of Learning

As I work to disseminate and teach the principles of The Science of Learning, I find myself continually faced with the statement “yes, but everyone learns differently.” I know that this is one of the foundational stones of the current educational world, but where is the evidence for this? Learning is a biological process. Just … Continue reading Different Ways of Learning

Tuition Well Spent

Student tuition and government grants make up the bulk of institutional funding in today’s higher education world. This money is largely devoted to the teaching of the students, or is it? In an earlier article, I wrote about how students’ are taking on massive debt to support the research infrastructure of the universities. Although this is … Continue reading Tuition Well Spent