“Five percent of the people think;
ten percent of the people think they think;
and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.”

Thomas Edison

The Academy is about principles of The Science of Learning and how The Science of Learning can be used in teaching and in learning how to think.


CPD discussions about The Science of Learning and how the principles derived from the science can be applied to teaching. During the CPD discussions, the discussions will be focussed on how the principles apply to you and your teaching. Different approaches and models will be discussed, either from the perspective of “This is what I do in my teaching, and how can incorporate some of the principles from The Science of Learning into my teaching?” or “What does the science say, and how can I change my teaching to use The Science of Learning?”

In addition, at a departmental or institutional level, consultation is available to help in the transition from traditional, non-evidenced based teaching to teaching using The Science of Learning.


As The Academy grows, teachers from various disciplines will use the principles derived from The Science of Learning to teach students how to use higher order thinking skills – something that research has shown us that traditional university education does not provide. Higher order thinking skills include metacognitive thinking, critical thinking, rational thinking, reason, hypothetico-deductive reasoning, complex deductive reasoning, and higher order creativity. Not all of the skills can be learned in a single class, but the classes offered through The Academy will clearly indicate which skills, other than the subject matter that interests you, that you can expect to develop during your studies.

Learning to engage in and use higher order thinking skills is one of the most fulfilling and exciting things that a person can do. Welcome to your journey.